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Short-Lived GM Car of the Day: Pontiac Phoenix

Illustration for article titled Short-Lived GM Car of the Day: Pontiac Phoenix

We're not referring to the first-generation Phoenix, which was a badge-engineered Nova built for the '77 through '79 model years. No, this Phoenix is a proud badge-engineered Citation! Built for the '80 through '84 model years, the second-gen Phoenix was available in a "performance" version known as the SJ. Today it holds the distinction of being one of the few cars built in the last 30 years that doesn't seem to have a single owner's club; instead, a few lone-wolf Phoenix renegades soldier on against the tides of indifference. Poor neglected Phoenix... but, as we saw yesterday, you could put a Caddy V8 in one and make the world tremble with fear!


Cameron Whitton's Pontiac Phoenix: "The Phoenix" []

Oh, Why Not? The Chevy Citation, Short-Lived GM Car of the Day: Chevrolet Celebrity [internal]


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There's a reason why there are few if any Phoenix owner's clubs.

Most of them were such shitboxes that those unlucky enough to buy them couldn't wait to get rid of them once they had the chance. (Same with the other GM FWD X-Body cars.)

These cars were SO good (with their torque steer and shoddy build quality, among other things) that Toyota, Honda and Nissan benefitted in the long run.