So You Want a V8 X-11 Citation?

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We had some discussion yesterday about the feasibility of dropping a Cadillac HT-4900 V8 into the Chevy Celebrity (and its A- and X-Body GM brethren), and- sure enough- some Citation freak has documented the swap online. Tyre's descriptions and photographs do an excellent job of walking the the reader through the process of giving an '82 Citation X-11 some V8 motivation. But why not build one with two V6s instead?


V8 Chevrolet Citation X-11 []

Oh, Why Not? The Chevy Citation, More Citation Silliness [internal]

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Almost every engine GM has built in the last 20 years has found it's way into at least one Fiero.


With an aluminum block, the 4.9 is almost as light as the 2.8 is anyway. Unfortunately, it's not a very good engine compared to most of the alternatives. It's not very torquey for a V8, and has no top-end power. I've driven one and it felt pretty lame comapred to a 3800 or 3.4 DOHC (LQ1). On the plus side, the engines are readily available and the swap is cheap and easy, as engine swaps go. BTW, if you were at the Daytona show last month, do I know you?