If you put three years of your sweat and savings into a project, any project, you'd expect a certain sense of pride upon its completion. This Chevy Citation cut into a rear-engined three-wheeler tests that proposition. Mightily.

Found in Omaha, Neb., and now for sale, the Triation was apparently created sometime in the '80s. It's moved the Iron Duke 2.5-liter four-cylinder out back so that the front can focus solely on the business of suspending its lone wheel. Titled as a motorcycle, it has been driven on public roads. In daylight.


We'll let the car's eBay clerk explain from here, because words are starting to fail us, and we still don't know why someone would do this:

This has been driven as fast as 75 mile per hour but 60-65 is ideal and smooth. It rides much like a 3 wheel motorcycle. Over 43,000 has been invested into this project car/motorcycle. My Uncle has not say what the bottom dollar that he wants for it....He did stress that it goes to someone who will take really good care of it like he did!!!! You will get more attention from this than anything you have seen. Hundreds of people stop to take pictures and look it. My Uncle (76yrs) said it's time that he pass it alone so someone who will appreciate it and who can enjoy it like he has in the past. With a little more investment in the car/motorcycle, this could easily be a top item or show car in a car show.

If I were a lawyer, and someone paid me to defend this in a court of good taste, I'd try to come up with something about how three-wheelers are the true rebels of motoring, and talk up the great history of cars such as the Messerschmitt or the Morgan. Then I would take my client into a quiet room and beg them to cut a plea.


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