In Praise Of Automotive Imperfection

I like to think of myself as a connoisseur of cars in their most rotten, terrible forms. There are many kinds of bad cars, and I would like to explain one certain kind and its hard-to-capture charms. » 10/17/14 12:00pm 10/17/14 12:00pm

The Camaro SS 1LE Will Make You Weep For The Way You Looked At Life

I was resolute in my obstinance. The Chevy Camaro was old, archaic, primitive, and atrocious. I would hate it with all my being. It would not change me. I would change it. I would resist. But I was wrong. So, so very wrong. Because now I am in love, and l'amour, thy name is Camaro. » 10/15/14 12:29pm 10/15/14 12:29pm

GM Just Recalled All The Camaros Because Of Possible Ignition Failure

GM just recalled every single current-generation Camaro – that's 511,528 of them – because of an extremely similar problem to the one that has already killed more than a dozen people in Chevy Cobalts and other small cars. » 6/13/14 9:26am 6/13/14 9:26am

Is This The 2016 Chevy Camaro Or Something Else?

Someone walking around what appears to be the Renaissance Center in Detroit captured photos of these interesting looking GM muscle cars that could different versions of the 2016 Chevy Camaro or something else altogether. UPDATE: For RealityTV. » 4/08/14 10:41pm 4/08/14 10:41pm

This 16-Year-Old Ran An 11 Second Quarter Mile In Her Mom's Car

Alex Taylor took her mom's car out for a drive last month... to an 11-second quarter mile. To be fair, Alex is an experienced drag racer and her mom's car is a drag-prepped '68 Camaro. » 10/30/13 3:40pm 10/30/13 3:40pm

Nothing Says America Like A French Skier

American iconography is simple. A few fields of grain, a flag, maybe a bald eagle. How about a Camaro? Sure. And a pickup truck? Why not. And French alpine skier Jean-Claude Killy? I'm not so sure about that last one. » 10/19/13 8:58am 10/19/13 8:58am

Celebrate National Donut Day With A Big Ass Camaro Donut

Today is National Donut Day and, while some may still care about Cronuts, we're more interested in the smoky variety. Enjoy this Camaro driver lighting the rears up. » 6/07/13 9:33am 6/07/13 9:33am

The Ice Monster Camaro Destroys Dirt, Too

Remember the Ice Monster Camaro that could whupp a BMW M3 around a snowbound drift course? It turns out the Swedish 'Maro can shred dirt, too. » 6/03/13 1:00pm 6/03/13 1:00pm

Did Transformers 4 Rip Off This Guy's Design For The New Bumblebee?

That black car is Mr. Vengeance's 1967 Camaro. It took seven years to build, with all of the blood, sweat, and tears you'd imagine. It's famous around the web. It also looks exactly like the "new" Bumblebee from Transformers 4. » 5/31/13 1:39pm 5/31/13 1:39pm

Bumblebee Is A Sweet Restomod Camaro In Transformers 4

Despite building what is unquestionably the ugliest C7 Corvette Stingray in the world, Transformers 4 successfully made a pretty-looking Bumblebee out of a 1967 Camaro. » 5/30/13 4:00pm 5/30/13 4:00pm

What's Faster On Snow: A Beater Camaro Or A BMW M3?

Take one hugely powerful ice racing Camaro. Line it up against a classic E30 M3. Put them on a snow-covered dirt track. Who's faster? » 3/15/13 1:00pm 3/15/13 1:00pm

Florida Police Stop Man Driving With A Sign Lodged In His Head

Leslie Richard Newton was pulled over in Florida last night for driving his grey Camaro with a traffic sign in his head. Yes, embedded in his head. » 12/06/12 2:40pm 12/06/12 2:40pm

A Camaro ZL1 With The Horsepower Of A Lamborghini Aventador

The Shelby Mustang GT500's 662 hp may have outstripped the Camaro ZL1's 580, but Hennessey's built a redeemer. That's the ZL1-based 700 hp Camaro HPE700, which, aside from being as horse-rife as a Lamborghini Aventador, can hit 185 mph in the standing mile. Pretty snappy. » 8/13/12 4:40pm 8/13/12 4:40pm

Don't Scream 'Is This Your First Fire?' At The Firefighter Trying To…

If our vintage classic car was getting incinerated in a trailer, we'd be pretty upset, but we wouldn't scream "is this your first fire?!" at the responding firefighters, unlike this vocal Illinois woman. » 8/07/12 4:30pm 8/07/12 4:30pm

Watch A Brit Flog The Mustang Shelby GT500 and Camaro ZL1

We share a common language, a deep pop-cultural connection and the stormy heritage of two petulant brothers, but Yanks and Brits don't always see eye-to-eye on cars. No doubt we've got a lot invested in mega horsepower machines that can devour ribbons of interstate. But can we build sports cars a European could love? » 7/05/12 3:30pm 7/05/12 3:30pm

See What A Stolen Rental Camaro Looks Like After A 150 MPH Police…

While there's certainly nothing wrong with a little rental car abuse in the name of fun, we'd say 150 MPH Police chases in a car you didn't actually rent is a slightly different story. » 5/13/12 11:00am 5/13/12 11:00am

Yes, This Is A Chevy Camaro On 32-Inch Wheels

Our old expletives are far from adequate to properly address the reality that is this Chevy Camaro on 32-inch wheels. We shall have to invent new ones. Flurgle this! Who the shmezzle would put 32-inch wheels on a glarking Camaro??? » 4/12/12 5:45pm 4/12/12 5:45pm