Chill Ass Cop Gives Camaro Driver 'Coupon' For Going 171 MPH

Photo: Gramercy Pictures
Photo: Gramercy Pictures

Minnesota ain’t the south. Going fast in a Camaro usually ends us up in jail, but somehow this guy in Duluth was clocked by a local police chief doing 171 MPH in his Chevy and reportedly got off with a ‘coupon,’ which is some sort of summons that’s worse than a regular ticket but still better than ending up in the back of an Interceptor.


According to the Duluth News Tribune, a 36-year-old man in a Camaro SS blew through a DUI checkpoint going 171 MPH. The police officer who pulled him over, Hermantown Police Department Deputy Chief Shawn Padden, had a pretty good sense of humor about the thing while still pointing out that going that fast on a freeway is pretty stupid, don’t you know.

From the article:

“I hit the lights and siren and called it in to the State Patrol. ... I had to get my car up to 135 just to get close enough for him to see my lights on,” Padden said.

The driver, a 36-year-old Lakeside man, pulled over quickly “which is good because we’d probably be in Canada right now,” Padden joked.

The ‘coupon’ for reckless driving means that the driver could lose his license, spend 90 days in jail, and pay up to a $1,000 fine. I don’t know enough about Minnesota to handicap the odds of that happening, I just know that if it happened in Virginia the Chief would have put his piece to the guy’s head and executed him on the side of the road, Judge Dredd-style.

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90 days in jail for speeding... granted that doing 170 mph on a public road may be one of the stupidest things a human can do... but still... 90 days? there goes his job... his car... maybe even his house. I say fine his ass, even take the car! but im not a fan of jail time....