We Just Got A 455-Horsepower Camaro SS For The Blizzard Oh God Yes Why

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Sometimes we have great ideas, and sometimes, we have great ideas. There’s a monstrous blizzard bearing down on the East Coast, so in preparation, we just snagged a brand-new 2016 Chevy Camaro SS sitting on Pirelli Sottozero winter tires. We are officially beautiful nutjobs.

Remembering the, uh, um, well, let’s just say first time we had a 2016 Camaro, the kind people lending us this car gently reminded us to please, please, oh pretty desperately please, not destroy this one. We have duly promised up and down to try not to break it, but at the same time, we definitely want to have some snow funtimes.


And that’s what winter, and winter tires, are all about. It’s about low speed fun, about pretending you’re a modern-day crappy Ernest Shackleton, about making people laugh when you’ve found an enormous parking lot. Also, about praying that everything goes alright and you don’t look like a big idiot on the Internet.

I already love this car. It’s got an enormous engine in the front, a tiny perfectly formed steering wheel in the middle, and out back, an exhaust valve that you can distinctly hear squeaking as it opens and closes to make the engine louder because the car is a Camaro and (let’s be honest among friends) probably wasn’t built with the precision of an Aston Martin.


It’s everything you could want in a muscle car.

Here’s hoping this is one of our great ideas.

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