LaFerrari Asshat Who Terrorized A Beverly Hills Neighborhood Claims 'Diplomatic Immunity'

You’ve probably seen the viral video where a LaFerrari and a white Porsche 911 GT3 blast through residential streets in Beverly Hills, scraping their bumpers, blowing past stop signs and grenading one of their engines. And you may have wondered, “Where are the cops in all of this?” »9/15/15 9:58am9/15/15 9:58am

Woman Takes Picture Of Asshole Parking Job, Ends Up In Jail In UAE

Based on what happened here, if Jalopnik was based in the United Arab Emirates, we’d be the only automotive website to be run from prison. That’s because a woman who took a picture of a some asshole’s car who parked across two disabled spaces and posted it on Facebook was thrown in jail for “writing bad words.” Ugh. »7/15/15 6:00pm7/15/15 6:00pm

Ultimate-Level BMW Asshat Double Parks, Takes Bat To Pickup Truck

It’s easy to think that the field of parking lot-inspired dickshittery is stagnating. What real innovations have you seen lately? Well, I’m happy to say that impressive work is still being done, as evidenced by this remarkable triumph of awful parking and juvenile vandalism, perpetrated by a self-absorbed jackass.… »6/25/15 1:08pm6/25/15 1:08pm

Moron Customer Calls Dealer A 'Fagget' Because He Can't Do Simple Math

As we’ve been in the habit of collecting horrible car dealer experiences lately, let us also take a moment to remember that customers can be every bit as bad. Case in point: this text message exchange between a dealer and a would-be Volkswagen GTI buyer that devolves into a missive of poorly-spelled insults. Human… »4/29/15 12:02pm4/29/15 12:02pm