Rich Teen Who Drove Drunk And Killed 4 Gets Rehab, Doesn't Apologize

How do you skate justice after you kill four people and injure two others in a car crash because you were drunk three times past the legal limit and hopped up on Valium? That's easy! You just need super-rich parents. They can simply pay for your rehab so you don't go to prison. » 2/06/14 12:40pm 2/06/14 12:40pm

This Has To Be The Worst Ferrari 458 Italia Paint Job Ever

Lots of people like to rag on the looks of modern Ferraris, but I'm a pretty big fan of the 458 Italia. It's sexy, aggressive and modern — until you paint it up like the background from an early 90s elementary school portrait, that is. I didn't think you could get worse than the 458 Speciale, but here we are. » 10/14/13 2:37pm 10/14/13 2:37pm