Look, I’m not going to bullshit you: the world has agreed that BMW drivers are pisslords. And this video of a BMW i8 road rager who stopped on a public road is a perfect example of that.

Google’s words, not mine.

The reader who sent us the video, V, wrote:

So I’m driving the other day in Five Towns, New York, going straight minding my own business with my family, a BMW i8 driver who’s not paying attention to the road, cuts me off, no signal, and gets upset when I honked at him. He cuts me off, hits his head on the door as he’s getting out of the i8, and comes at me bro. He’s a local lightweight drug dealer wannabe, so his muscle gets out of the car too. Expletives were exchanged, gave him a brief lesson on using turn signals. He gets back in his car, and uses his turn signal finally lol. No audio of the clip, I have audio turned off on my dashcam.

When you watch the video, it’s true that the black i8 tries to merge like a dick who’s never heard of a turn signal. He should have signalled and backed off when he saw that there wasn’t a space for him.

Even Clive Owen says so.

Now, the owner of the dashcam is also at fault for not letting the guy in. Of course there’s an urge not to give in to the other guy as punishment for his rudeness, but, generally, you’re supposed to let people in. It’s polite.


But then! After successfully merging, the owner of the i8 decides to get out of his car and stops traffic in the middle of the fucking road to walk over for a, erm, chat with the offending driver. Keep an eye out for the clumsy egress from the i8, though. That’s gold. (Though I’m not really faulting him for it, that car is hard as shit to climb out of.)

Also keep an eye out for his flunky who emerges a second later, wielding a water bottle in case the situation gets a little thirsty.


Thankfully, nobody gets hurt and all parties proceed on their merry ways, turn signals blinking cheerfully.

A little courtesy for our fellow drivers goes a long way, guys.

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