Image via ABC13 News
Image via ABC13 News

Here’s a surefire reminder that saving a parking space is a surefire way to start drama.


One woman was saving a parking spot in the crowded Houston Zoo parking lot yesterday when another woman drove up to take the spot regardless, local ABC 13 News reports based on the eyewitness statements of one Linda Padilla, who recorded the fight:

Padilla says she heard one of the women yell, “’I’m saving this spot and you can’t have it.’”

“The lady tried to pull in and that’s when the lady walked up and hit her car. Then the lady jumps out of her car and they started going at it,” Padilla added.

The viewer says that’s when another woman got out of her car and the fists started to fly. The video shows multiple women fighting and pulling each other’s’ hair. In the middle of the brawl, another women tries to put a stroller in the empty parking spot.

Damn. A stroller, too.

Houston PD did get called to the scene, but the people had left by then.

h/t to Ilya!

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