Hell Yeah, Definitely Run Onto The Runway And Flag The Plane Down If You're Late For Your Flight

Get to the airport. If you’re smart, you’d have printed your boarding passes at home. If you’re me, you queue up at the desk to check in, aware of the long lines and the long faces of the travelers around you. Get your bag on the belt, shuffle off to get through security. Remove your shoes and your dignity. X-ray. Put them back on and go! off to the gate for some more waiting.


And what if after all of that, your plane leaves without you? What if you get to the gate only to discover that the plane has taxied already and is set to leave? Do you give up? Nay!

Here’s a video of the man who missed his plane, but then decided to take matters into his own hands.

The flight was a Ryanair plane traveling from Madrid to the Canary Islands, last Friday, reports The Guardian.

The video’s caption talks about how the passenger “skipped several security protocols established by [the Spanish airport authority] in their airports” before dashing onto the runway to catch his flight. Which is extremely troubling when you consider that Spain is currently on high anti-terror alert.

Speaking with The Guardian, a Spanish airport official confirmed the incident and added, “The passenger had reached the gate with his boarding pass after clearing security. He broke through a fire escape, the doors opened and he got out that way.”

The unnamed man had indeed passed through security without incident. A spokeswoman said of his tremendously big fuckup, “It seems that he got on to the tarmac because he’d missed his flight but the plane he was trying to get on wasn’t his.”

Somehow, after that, the man was able to board the correct flight, probably ate some shitty airline snack, landed in Gran Canaria some three hours later, and was promptly arrested.


After facing questioning by officers on the island, the man has been released. He’ll still face punishment, though. At least he made for an, um, interesting seat neighbor during the flight.

Via USA Today

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