Earlier this year, police tracked down and jailed the driver of a wannabe-gymkhana Beetle tearing up the streets of San Diego. It was not difficult for them, as the city attorney now notes, because the driver put the whole thing up as a viral video. “It gave us everything.”

San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith spoke with Inside Edition a few months back, as Speed Society recently picked up:

It gave us everything. And, there was a video of this reckless driving, and there he was at one point smiling , taking full credit for it.


This is an enlightening video for anyone who ever thinks about driving recklessly on public roads and then posting it online.

What you think of as a cool vid, cops think of as evidence.

The driver in the video, Blake Wilkey, is now out of jail but seems to have self-punished himself as he’s now stuck driving a ‘90s 4Runner.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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