Viral Dune Buggy Driver Who Terrorized San Diego Now Faces 26 Charges

Unsurprisingly, he doesn’t seem to give a shit.

Blake Wilkey (you can picture his flat brimmed hat as you read that) went kinda-sorta viral a few months back when he shot his own Ken Block wannabe video running his desert racing buggy on open San Diego streets. The resulting “Urban Assault” video is around 1.1 million views at the moment.


And now he’s getting hauled to court for it.

Such are the joys of the online generation that he posted a listing of his charges to his own Instagram, so we know he faces 26 misdemeanor charges, including nine conspiracy counts.

Here’s his caption.

Monday morning at 8 am downtown I will be facing a judge on 26 misdemeanor accounts for the urban assault video. This was not taken lightly by the prosecutor and I hope it won’t be to heavy of a burden on me after its all said and done. Do fun, wild, crazy things my friends just don’t let them be illegal or if they are don’t post them on the Internet! If they make the news you know you’re in some shit! I’m not stressing it though, just a small BUMP in the road 😉#stayrad #getpitted#thankyouforyourtaxdollarstheyarebeingusedverywell #whatajoke


Get pitted, indeed.


(Hat tip to Matt!)

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