Police To Investigate Viral Video Dune Buggy Driver Terrorizing City Streets

San Diego police are reportedly planning to investigate some schmuck named Blake Wilkey, after he put up a video of himself (now cresting half a million views) in an 800 horsepower dune buggy going completely apeshit on unclosed, public roads.

Much of the video isn’t too terrible; he drives over some plants and does some powerslides in a couple back lot parking lots. This does not trouble me terribly. There’s not much there that’s worse than your average skate video.

But Wilkey does show himself doing jumps on suburban streets up in the SD hills, where we see a local guy on the phone. I would imagine he is calling the cops on Wilkey. I would too, if some nutcase was going airborne in front of my lawn.


It should be noted that even the best drivers crash, and I wouldn’t want them to do it into my living room.

As BangShift points out, it also looks like Wilkey spins out right in the middle of an off-ramp, if you’re about to defend him as completely in control.

CBS8 spoke with a San Diego Police Department spokesperson yesterday, reporting that SDPD “are going to investigate the incident” and that Wilkey could face charges including reckless driving and vandalism.

When Ken Block gets police to close down city streets for a sideways video shoot, we call it gymkhana. When some idiot in front of a video camera starts going nuts on public roads, (time and time again) we call it “evidence.”


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Andrew P. Collins

Hate to sound like Grampa McGitovmilayn here, but stuff like this really fucks over the rest of us who just want to play with our off-road toys in peace.

All it takes is some angry locals to start calling the cops, then local elected officials, and soon “those damn kids and their dune buggies” comes up at a city meeting then the sharks start circling on the OHV parks we do have because “this culture is dangerous/reckless/a menace to society.”

I guess this is the equivalent of sanctimoniously stamping “TAKE IT TO THE TRACK!” But seriously. Take it to the fucking track.

Or, hell, Mexico’s only a half hour drive south and another hour south of that you’ve got almost infinite stretches of open country to go hog wild in!