Watch This Supercut Of 2016's Worst Red Light Runners

Unless the circumstances absolutely call for it, there is no reason to run a red light. Period. You are not only putting yourself and everyone in your car at risk, you are also endangering other drivers.


This compilation, put together by American Traffic Solutions (a North American safety camera provider), shows this year’s worst red-light running crashes. ATS says:

“Seeing is believing, and ATS urges drivers to watch this public service video and recognize the danger red-light running presents,” said Liz Caracciolo, ATS Safety General Manager.

“Every day, in the United States, drivers running red lights cause an average of two fatalities and more than 340 injuries. When drivers ignore a red light, they put themselves and innocent pedestrians, motorcyclists, bicyclists, other drivers and passengers at great risk. ATS urges all drivers to choose safety over recklessness and stop on red.”

Don’t run the red!

Also, for some reason, Florida gets its own video?

(h/t to Paulo and Reddit!)

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Almost as important - defensive driving (situational awareness). It would appear that a few of those collisions could have been avoided by the not-at-fault party had they been attentive to someone barreling down from the left or right.

OK, now I’ve given you all something to argue about and tell me in many words how wrong I am.