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This Is Why You Don't Keep The Doors Up On A McLaren While Loading It Into A Truck

Illustration for article titled This Is Why You Dont Keep The Doors Up On A McLaren While Loading It Into A Truck

You’d think that something as important as shutting a car door after you get out of it would be instinctual by this point—fancy butterfly doors or not. Even if you’re not in the driver’s seat.


You’d think that you’d be especially careful when loading your very expensive McLaren 570S into a very narrow truck

But sometimes people forget. Happens to all of us!

For reasons best known to this poor chap, he forgot to close the McLaren’s door up as it was being moved into the truck. Too late did he realize his mistake and tried to correct it, but alas, he couldn’t save the car or our souls from the damage and trauma.


The video’s uploader notes that the door can’t close anymore because of the mistake. It makes me sad. Though McLaren can probably fix it no problem.

Don’t hurt cars, guys.

Via Carscoops

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Looks to me like he got out and left it in reverse.