Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, and, most importantly floats like a duck, then it’s probably today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe crazy floatin’ ‘Lambo.’ Let’s see if this sort of sea-worthy Countach’s price is equally ship shape.

Yesterday’s 1977 VW Dasher may not have been the most famous reindeer of all, but it was red, and it will go down in history as a deal—at least NPOCP history—owing to its 54% Nice Price win.


The Dasher was called the Passat elsewhere, a name that in German means a type of trade wind. The trade winds themselves are so named because of their importance to sailing and sea navigation. Of course, some of us don’t like counting on the wind for our boating pleasure. No, we prefer our boats with motors, or maybe in a pinch the Z1A, which is described as the World’s only amphibious Lamborghini Countach. Who knew you needed such a thing?

First off, despite the long history of Lamborghini’s V12 engines powering the speedboats of the 1%, this is not a real Countach (like you needed confirmation of that) and it’s not even powered by a Lambo mill.

Instead, there’s a Rover RV8 and an R30 transaxle nestled in a bespoke tube frame chassis which is swathed in composite Countach bodywork. The car was built years back by the British company SeaRoader for use in PR stunts, action movies, and dramatic high school reunion entrances. We even saw it here a good while back.


Over the years the car has been switched between RHD and LHD and then back again, shipped to Hollywood for its big break, and then back to Jolly Old when that never materialized. It really was designed to be both roadable—to the point of being touted as the World’s fastest amphibian car—and a seaworthy boat.


The suspension is by pushrod and comes with hydraulic actuators to lift each wheel when the going gets wet. There’s two propellers in the back and… a smoke emitter!


Sound like some serious James Bond shit right? Well, James has undergone some soul searching in the past few movies, and this ‘Lambo’ has also fallen on hard times since its heyday.

According to the ad, the car/boat has been in storage for the past 15 years and as we all know, time wounds all heels. It’s not presently road or water ready, needing, according to the ad, the following:

The O/S door has been removed from the frame and the N/S stripped down as the lock pivots seized – Personally I would not have done that this way. However, either way they will need reassembly and paint as necessary. New door rams needed and wing mirrors The carpet has been removed and will need replacement. The seats have gone AWOL!!?? It will need a major service before driving and swimming.......The engine is spinning well and clutch is working ok. Fuel pipe to tank is perished. Perishing to tyres and the brakes will obviously need to be serviced as necessary. Obviously there will be other bits and bobs to do but oh, will it be so worthwhile!


Oh so worthwhile… We’ll just be the judge of that! The asking price for this Countach cabin cruiser is £19,995, or about $27,050 in the Colonies. For that you’re getting a two-fer, a Countach without the stigma of the real car’s land-only capabilities, and a boat for when the ice caps melt and you still need to get to work.


What’s your take on that price for this unique to say the least vehicle? Does £18,995 seem like a deal to start bringing this amphibious assault vehicle back to its former glory? Or, is that just too much money for so Frankenstinian a flounder?

You decide!


eBay UK, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to “Me” for the hookup!

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