The Ten New Cars Our Readers Most Recommend

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Recommending a car to someone is risky. You better make sure you know your stuff and direct them to the right car, otherwise they'll be complaining about it forever. Here are the ten cars our readers trust the most to recommend.

10.) 2014 Chevrolet Impala


The old Impala was kind of miserable. Jay_Hoff believes if you're a GM guy, you can't go wrong with the brand new Impala:

14 Impala or 14 Malibu. Depending on what you want to spend. I am trying to talk my dad into getting one. Hes a huge GM fan and works for Alcoa.

He has a 01 Bonneville with over 200k on it. Since they dont make the Bonneville anymore, I think ether would fit the bill.


Suggested By: Jay_Hoff, Photo Credit: DVS1mn

9.) Fiat 500 Abarth


For Jonathan Woodall, it's Abarth or nothing:

For me, the answer is always Abarth. Want a minivan? Screw that, get an Abarth. Want an SUV? Stop it. Abarth! Want a BMW? Wow that's original, get a freakin Abarth!

A) It only comes in manual. Learn to drive a proper car.

B) Because hatchback.

C) It's Italian (okay Italian-ish)

D) Dat exhaust note.....

E) It's ridiculous. What you're driving is boring. Don't be boring.

F) It's F'in interesting.

The Fiesta ST is a great car from what I can tell and it would be great to drive but the Abarth is more interesting to me by a long shot and it's more unique.


Suggested By: Jonathan Woodall, Photo Credit: David Villarreal Fernández

8.) Ford Focus ST


tomtom615 throws a very hot Ford into the bowl:

Focus ST! Who doesn't love a hot hatch and this one is the best of a good lot. Nice styling, plenty of oomph, functional as all hell, it has everything you want in a car for a competitive price.


Suggested By: tomtom615, Photo Credit: David Villarreal Fernández

7.) Kia Optima


With China being the new Korea, and Korea being the new Japan, maybe you should listen to Viperfan1:

New Optima. It's sexy, comes loaded, has great features in and out, and is great for the value. Warranty and MPG's are both great selling points as well. Sure, pricing ranges from $20-40k, but it doesn't lack on features that the higher end marques offer.


Suggested By: Viperfan1, Photo Credit: Kia

6.) Jeep Wrangler


BigHarv recommends a timeless classic:

More often than I would have imagined, I recommend a Wrangler. The new engines have redeemed the mileage and performance a bit, but they still have no pretensions of speed or handling, so they're great for people who just want to feel like they're taking an adventure. The two doors are even easy to park, while giving as butch a ride as you could ever ask for. They're cheap to run and repair and easy to personalize and improve if you want to, and finally, the resale on them is excellent.


Suggested By: BigHarv, Photo Credit: mrJasonWeaver

5.) Buick Verano


N2Skylark explains why you should consider buying a smaller Regal, especially if you know someone who HAS TO BUY AMERICAN:

The Buick Verano is a seriously underrated car. Super comfortable. Well-made. Well-appointed. Great in the details. Built like a tank. Looks way classier in real life than in it should cost thousands more. It's got character. It's got decent power standard, and a fantastic optional turbo with 250hp, 260tq, with an available 6MT. The chassis is excellent (if a bit heavy), the handling is responsive, and the EPAS is actually somewhat communicative. It wafts when you need it to and can put a smile on your face when you want it to.

Most people aren't car enthusiasts, so they don't need everything a pretentious 3-Series has to offer. The Verano is all the luxury compact most will ever need. For a seriously competitive price. And while enthusiasts will continue flocking to the 3-Series for good reason, I have to give Buick some serious respect for catering to our desires with the turbo 6MT model, as well.

The Verano ticks all the right boxes, so I have a habit of continually recommending it to people. Everyone I've recommended it to has bought one and loved it way more than they thought they would.


Suggested By: N2Skylark, Photo Credit: Buick


4.) Volkswagen Golf GTI


A GTI with a DSG is one of the best all-rounders, says JayBe_III:

My close friend recently got into a bad motorcycle accident. Broke his leg and came to realize that "two wheels bad". So he procured for himself a wonderful '08 VW GTI. Now he got this for two reasons: 1. It's practical. 2. He loves manual but can't use one due to his leg. So the best thing he could get was the DSG.

I had never really gotten what the big deal with hot hatches was till he came over and let me take his out for a test drive. Now I can firmly say that my answer to any person to ever need any vehicle (aside from a large truck for pulling) is a GTI. It cannot be beaten in terms of value for the price, practicality, and sportiness. I cannot put into words the sheer level of excitement I got from driving it... I felt like James May, I had that fizzy feeling down there.

So my answer now is GTI.

Suggested By: JayBe_III, Photo Credit: M 93

3.) Toyobaru twins


Because the more they buy, the easier it will be to buy one second hand.

Suggested By: Patrick , Photo Credit: Aurimas Adomavicius


2.) Mazda 3


Everybody loves the Mazda 3, and whether it's a deal on a new one or an old one, here's why:

Best car for a lot of people, while still being fun to drive, good looking (again), and inexpensive to run.


Suggested By: BigHarv, Photo Credit: Peter Alfred Hess


1.) Any Subaru That Isn't The Crosstrek XV Or B9


You are really into Subarus. wisc47 likes the Legacy:

For an actually reasonable choice, and because I live in an area that is coated in snow a third of the year, I suggest the Subaru Legacy. Both my parents and my aunt bought a Legacy on my suggestion.


mcseanerson prefers the Forester:

Subaru Forester. I hate the strong rollover feeling that comes with a high center of gravity in most SUV. Forester XT is the first SUV I found myself hauling the mail over railroad tracks through corners on horrible roads and just felt superbly planted. Don't know how the new ones do but the '06 one I drove had the best visibility I'd seen on any car, SUV or otherwise.


Michael Marecek is a WRX man:

For the money its hard to find the same performance and comfort... I have owned every generation that has come to the states (even the early 2.5RS) and they have been some of the best cars ever.

AWD, turbo, luxury features such as HID, touch screen navigation, etc..
Driver controller center diff. Spacious. Boxer engine.


My X-type is too a real Jaguar needs legroom, so it's the Outback for him:

It checks all the family hauling options and it is a nice car.

Subaru it is, then.

Suggested By: Stigicide , Photo Credit: slgckgc


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