Kia Optima SX Limited Is One Way To Spend $34,900

America's most sort of exciting mid-sizer — the Kia Optima SX — just got better! Ok, not really better. Or faster. And there's no manual transmission. But it is more expensive in new SX Limited trim, almost reaching the $35,000 mark. What do you have to be high on to pay that for a mid-size sedan? Oh… right. » 2/08/12 2:30pm 2/08/12 2:30pm

The 2011 Kia Optima Kicks Relative Ass

What kind of crazy world is it when Kia is releasing the most desirable new non-performance car at the NY show? Ambitious styling, high-tech engines, MacPherson front and multi-link rear suspension add up to a possible killer mid-size. » 4/01/10 1:00pm 4/01/10 1:00pm

2009 Kia Optima Gets Mid-Cycle Refreshment, Auto World Shocked

You know the Kia Optima? Not really, no? The Optima is what you would buy because you just didn't like the Suzuki Forenza. Though a mid-cycle refreshment, it's a definite improvement over the "only as a rental car" original design. There's also more power for the four-cylinder engine, which is now nearly as powerful as… » 3/20/08 11:15am 3/20/08 11:15am