The 2021 Ford Bronco Is Finally Showing Up In July

Screenshot: Bronco6G, Image: Andrew P Collins
Screenshot: Bronco6G, Image: Andrew P Collins
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The 2021 Ford Bronco debut has been one of the strangest ones in automotive history. Between the 2004 concept car that built anticipation for over a decade, loads of mule spy shots and speculation about hardware, Ford’s teaser videos, incredibly detailed leaked photos of both the Bronco and baby Bronco, and delay caused by the coronavirus, the Bronco reveal has been a whirlwind. But now it’s coming to an end.

The Ford Bronco should have shown up at least five years ago when the economy was fat, and truck and SUV sales were only getting stronger. But for whatever reason, it wasn’t until the 2017 Detroit Auto Show that Ford said it’d bring the iconic off-roader back to American roads. Now here we are three and a half years later, with car sales tanked (though gas is cheap!) the new Bronco’s styling already revealed in the form of spy shots, and a pretty decent idea of many of the features the new vehicle is expected to have.

Image: Ford
Image: Ford

But in July, the wait is finally over—and that’s a long wait, especially if you were hoping the Bronco would debut soon after Ford showed its Bronco concept back in 2004 (see above).

Ford’s Bronco website, screengrabbed below, says “World Premier July 2020,” and an email to dealers—apparently from Ford—echoes this, saying the company will announce the precise time and day at a later point.

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Sixth-generation Bronco forum “Bronco6G” states that the July reveal will be virtual, though we have no idea where Ford will be logging on from.


So July 2020 it is. Well, probably. Given the instability in the world right now, it’d be a bit silly for us to put any money on an exact reveal date, but we have a target, and I hope Ford hits it.

h/t: Full Size Bronco forum, Bronco6G

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Good. Car companies need to stop doing the stupid Supra slow roll out. Creating buzz and building up unreasonable expectations are fine lines and most fall on the latter.