For Just $8.6 Million, You Can Get a Mansion Along With Your Rolls-Royce Phantom and Bentley Arnage

Money doesn’t buy happiness, but since coins and colored pieces of paper fund our lives for some reason, it’s always nice to spend less and get more. Take this $8.6-million Florida mansion, whose seller is throwing in not one, but—clears throat for The Price Is Right voice—two not exactly new but very expensive cars!

Rolls-Royce Will Finally Let Me Turn the Backseat of My Phantom Into a Personal Opium Den

As I have extensively documented before, riding in cars is extremely difficult for me. Not only do they place the masses directly in my line of sight, but I also have the driver to contend with. Usually, I just hire ones that don’t speak any English to ensure maximum privacy, but then there’s still the issue of them…

BMW Patents Bottoms-Up Drink Filler So You Can Drink Even When the Chauffeur Picks Lousy Roads

Life is full of annoyances, like when the valet’s face lights up upon seeing the key to your McLaren, or when the mansion groundskeeper has the audacity to remind you that holidays exist. And for the love of everything that is good in the world, let’s not even talk about when the help accidentally spills alcohol on…

Someone Actually Commissioned a Surfboard With a 24-Karat Gold Trim to Pair With Their Rolls-Royce

This week in “Gnarliest Ways to Show the World How Rich You Are,” someone actually commissioned a surfboard with a 24-karat gold trim to carry around on their Rolls-Royce. Rolls will feature it at an event showing off its “exquisite motor vehicles for the influential and wealthy,” because of course it will.

The Rolls-Royce Cullinan Configurator Is Up For You To Make a $325,000 Tribute To Space Jam

The Rolls-Royce Cullinan will be the hero of every parking lot. Even the sort of underwhelming grocery store parking lots, the kind that make you go, “wait, why is that here?” But if you want the peasantry’s next question to be “and who the hell would make it look like that?” then surely you need the Rolls-Royce…

The Rolls-Royce Wraith Luminary Puts Shooting Stars In Your Car Because Only Peasants Go Outside

Because the sky doesn’t produce as many shooting stars as the wealthy deserve, Rolls-Royce made the new Wraith Luminary Collection. It’ll have Rolls’ classic starry fiber-optic headliner, blanketing passengers in a mock night sky with an exorbitant price when the real one is just a chauffeur-opened door away.

Putting A $52,000 Armchair In A Dealership Showroom Is A Very Rolls-Royce Thing To Do 

Rolls-Royce is often like that kid from grade school who always talked about having better stuff than everyone else. “Oh yeah? Well my mom bought me a Razr because I didn’t want a lame silver flip phone.” Perhaps that’s why, instead of putting a normal chair in its London showroom, Rolls found a $52,000 one.