NASCAR Controversially Rules Winning Pass Illegal After Driver Dips Below Yellow Line At Daytona

“Out of bounds” almost never applies in NASCAR, but passing below the yellow line at a restrictor-plate race tracks is a no-go. Driver Justin Haley got a harsh reminder of that Friday, when he barely dipped below the line in a bold move for the win and got penalized. But the call, and the rule, could be a lot clearer.

How NASCAR Driver Clint Bowyer Came Back From Three Major Speeding Penalties To Finish Fifth In Chicago

There is a such thing as speeding in racing, and it’s enforced on pit road to try to keep a driver from turning their pit crew—or someone else’s—into a set of high-speed human bowling pins. NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer got three pit-road penalties in a row on Sunday, yet managed to finish fifth in the race.

'No One Except Sweet Baby Jesus' Could Stop Dad From Pulling His Son Out Of A Burning Race Car

Mike Jones’ race in the NASCAR Late Model 100 ended with a big fiery crash, so his dad and Crew Chief Dean jumped to the rescue in an act of pure love, pulling Mike out of the burning race car and even going back in to turn on the car’s fire suppression system. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the all-time one true NASCAR…

NASCAR’s Smart Fix For Its All-Star Race Could Actually Make Other Races Better

NASCAR used a vastly different aerodynamics package for the All-Star race this year, and the racing showed it. It went from the typical racing style of 1.5-mile tracks like All-Star host Charlotte Motor Speedway, which resembles a conga line full of folks who don’t want to touch each other, to race full of passes and…