Dakar Rider Threatens Legal Action Against Competitor For Allegedly Hitting Him Mid-Race

After an alleged wreck between Dakar Rally competitors Carlos Sainz and Kees Koolen, who can’t even agree on whether it happened in the first place, Koolen is threatening legal action. Koolen told Autosport it “would have been a lot easier” for Sainz if Koolen had died, because then he wouldn’t be able to talk.

This Weekend Kicks Off America's Best Shot At Winning The Grueling Dakar Rally

The incredible 14-day Dakar Rally kicks off through South America Saturday and American off-road racer Bryce Menzies is finally getting to race it. Menzies wanted to race the Dakar last year, but was badly injured when a world record jump attempt went wrong. Now he’s there in an X-Raid Mini—one of Dakar’s best…

Nissan Restored This 30-Year-Old Race Truck For All The Right Reasons

In an era that seems dominated by cynicism and corporate greed, the story of some Nissan engineers spending nights and weekends to restore a piece of automotive history “just because” is enough to lift anyone’s spirits. Behold: the 1987 Nissan Patrol Fanta Limon Paris-Dakar rally car, returned to its former racing…