Here's How To Follow The 2021 Dakar Rally

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Are you missing race cars already? I know I sure am. Lucky for you, it’s time to kick off the 2021 running of the Dakar Rally! We’re going to run you through the best ways to follow the event to scratch that racing itch.


For the second year in a row, the off-road rally raid will be held in Saudi Arabia, albeit with a slightly different route to keep things interesting. If you want to know more about the specific routes that will be covered each day, we’ve got you covered.

The official event begins on Sunday, January 3, 2021 and runs until Friday, January 15. There are more than 500 competitors on the entrance list, so you’re not going to want to miss it.

NBCSN Stream

This year, anyone following the rally can do so with same-day coverage on NBCSN. Due to time zone differences, most events start around 6pm ET or later, so this is a great opportunity to enjoy some race cars while you’re sitting down to dinner.

The full list of coverage times is available here.

Dakar App

As you’d expect, the Dakar Rally also has its own app nowadays. While this doesn’t offer direct streaming of the event, you’ll be able to access tons of other information: route details, competitor profiles, videos, and full classification lists.


This information is also available on the Dakar website if you don’t want to download another app. But if you’ve never followed a rally before, all this extra info is crucial for staying on top of what’s going on.

You can get the app on Google Play or the iPhone app store.

Augmented Reality App

This year, rider Cesare Zacchetti has partnered with the tabUI app to provide an augmented reality experience of the rally, which will let you see the rally taking place and ask questions of Zacchetti that he’ll answer later.


The user interface on this bad boy is in Italian, but a little trial and error makes it fairly straightforward to navigate.

For the Canadian Viewer

If you’re currently residing in Canada (or know how to work a VPN), FloRacing will also be streaming coverage of the Dakar Rally. A subscription to the service costs $12.50 CAD a month, but it also offers access to tons of other racing coverage.

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I followed this race for many, many years. But, I have no interest in watching something in stinking Saudi Arabia. The promoters only care about money.