Comment Of The Day: Dakar Dynasty Broken Edition

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Something that was not mentioned this morning in the post announcing American Ricky Brabec as the first American to win a Dakar class, ever, in history, was that he rode a Honda to make it happen. For those not familiar with Dakar dynasties, Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM had won the previous 18 years in a row. There are whole entire adults who had never lived in a world where KTM wasn’t the defending Dakar motorcycle class champion.

BMW won in 2000. KTM has won every year since, until today. This deserves recognition.

Brabec, in his fifth Dakar, won the whole shooting match. He rode his Honda CRF 450 Rally the full length of the race in just a tinge over 40 hours of stage time.


Brabec, doing his fifth Dakar this year, this being his second finish, completed the 4,660.284-mile race in just over 40 hours on his Honda CRF 450 Rally. Stage 8 was cancelled by the ASO for motorcycle and quad riders to give them an opportunity to mourn the untimely death of Paulo Gonçalves following his crash on Stage 7 last Sunday.  

For having the appropriate reaction to the victory, JEM wins today’s COTD victory. Holy S**T is right, bud! For your efforts I award you with this song, because, well, obvious reasons. 

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Does that mean he AVERAGED 116MPH on the desert roads? I find it a bit hard to believe.

Just did the math. 4660 is total mileage for the 2020 Dakar. There were about 5k km worth of times specials. Minus the 477km of the canceled stage 8 puts total times mileage at about 2700mi which at 40 hrs is ~68mph average. That's still incredibly fast.