For Just $8.6 Million, You Can Get a Mansion Along With Your Rolls-Royce Phantom and Bentley Arnage

Money doesn’t buy happiness, but since coins and colored pieces of paper fund our lives for some reason, it’s always nice to spend less and get more. Take this $8.6-million Florida mansion, whose seller is throwing in not one, but—clears throat for The Price Is Right voice—two not exactly new but very expensive cars!

A Bentley Continental GT Is The Best Party You Can Throw Yourself For $245,000 

Not many of us end up spending more on a car than on the typical mortgage, but still, there is no shortage of high performance super luxury cars to indulge every qualified buyer’s tastes. Yet this gives some cars, like the Bentley Continental GT, an air of snootiness—or nouveau riche dipshittery. Trust me, friend.…