For $8,500, Is This Crown Vic A Perfect Ten?

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

You've - hopefully - got ten fingers and ten toes, shouldn't your car have ten cylinders too? Our Nice Price or Crack Pipe contender for this Friday does, and you'll need to decide if that fact makes this Crown Vic the deal of the decade.

Hey, you got your Nissan in my Toyota! Wait a minute, it tastes great! Yes sir, there's nothing like a mashup and yesterday's 1989 Land Cruiser with an SD33T was no exception. Sadly for its seller, a narrow 54% of you felt its price was not so exceptional.


One-Adam-Twelve, One-Adam-Twelve, we have a 211 in progress…

Cop cars, who doesn't love them? I'll bet when you were a little kid you dreamed of driving around in a police interceptor, laden with radios, doughnuts, and guns. Of course once you actually experience a cop car, usually as a teenager after doing something really stupid, you come to realize just how uncomfortable those back seats are, and that they smell of piss, vomit, and desperation.

Today's 1999 Crown Vic Interceptor smells like a custom job, owing to its V10 engine, late of some Ford truck. The 6.8-litre Triton ten was a development of the OHC modular V8 and thus had that layout's 90° angle of the dangle between its banks.


That unfavorable geometry necessitated a split pin crankshaft and a balance shaft to control vibrations and hence keep girls from camping on the hood while the truck was running. The engines were good for over 300 horses and gobs of torque but don't have a rep for being particularly entertaining, plus there's that whole plug popping issue.

Here in this custom installation that's backed up by a 4R100 automatic and features some attention to its intake (by way of the expected K&N filter) and exhaust via what are described as 'ported' manifolds. Power goes back to the now likely very lively rear axle by way of a carbon fiber driveshaft, and the whole shebang is held up on Ford Motorsports springs and Bilstein shocks.


The bodywork, all the way down to the smoked signals and Eagle fat wheels, is back in black and it looks as angry as Darth Vader dropping a deuce. The interior on the other hand is a grey area, and as is noted in the ad, there's some assembly required. It's also about as institutional an environment as you could imagine but that's to be expected on a vehicle most commonly found with EXEMPT on its plates. On the downside, the speedo in the aftermarket digital dash is dead, and the stereo is by Pioneer, which in my experience sucks whale testicles.


There is a complete propane conversion kit, included in your purchase, so there is that. Propane's energy density is on average significantly lower than that of gasoline so you may want to consider the performance hit that would engender before making the car all gassy.


The seller wants $8,500 for his V10 Interceptor - propane in the ass and all - and it's now time to put on your thinking caps and decide if that's a deal or not. What do you think about that price for this decade-ant Crown Vic, does that make this an arresting deal? Or, for that much is Bo Derek the only 10 you'd accept in this car?

You decide!


Washington AC/DC Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Erik S for the hookup!

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UPDATE: Okay, so I'm an idiot. We had this bad boy here before, back then for $15,000. Now it's almost half that, so let's compare and contrast, shall we?

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