Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Baseball is egalitarian and in fact players often move between league rivals without issue. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Land Cruiser has a diesel engine from cross-town rival Nissan, but will its price have you wanting to play ball?

When it comes to crab, boobs, Elvis, crab-boobs, and yesterday's Datsun-based GTO homage, nothing beats the real deal. Not only that but at twenty-six large, fully 85% of you felt you'd be a fool to buy that fa-fa-fa-foolin' Ferrari.


Okay, yesterday we had a modded Nissan, and Tuesday we had a venerated Toyota. If only we could somehow combine those together into today's candidate, what might that look like? Well, it might look like this zombie survival kit on wheels 1989 Land Cruiser with a Nissan Diesel.

Toyota stole the name Land Cruiser from Studebaker, who at the time were too busy going out of business to care very much about the matter. The name was chosen to be close enough to Land Rover to chafe the Brits but not so much so as to wake the slumbering and be-wigged barristers.


As an off-roader, the initial Land Cruiser was as rough and testosterone-infused as was possible short of bare-backing a Yeti. However, by the time the fourth generation rolled around in the '80s, the wagon had grown in size, feature, and refinement. Today, the 60-series is seen as about as retro chic as its contemporary Jeep Wagoneers if not quite as pricy to purchase.

This 1989 Land Cruiser is a little more interesting than most, owing to its SD33T diesel engine, sourced from Yokohama-mama, the Nissan Motor Company. That 3,245-cc straight six was once offered in the International Harvester Scout II here in the U.S., and globally in Nissan's own Patrol.


Here in the Land Cruiser the 105-horse oil burner is backed by the T-19 4-speed, and the conversion is claimed to have been done by folks who knew what they were doing. The ad doesn't give much in the way of pics to check out that claim, but at least it doesn't seem to be zip-tied in place or anything.

Other than the diesel conversion, the rest of the truck looks to be pretty standard Land Cruiser fare for models of this age. That includes jacked up shackles for the leaf-sprung suspension, big-ass tires, and a roof rack for your mother-in-law.


The ad says the the truck is clean, sporting its original paint in Toyota dull gray. It also ominously admits to there being 'very little rust' so prospective buyers might want to fine tooth comb the beast like a kid full of lice.

Popping a diesel into a car or truck not so originally equipped is not usually the end of the alt-dot-fuels game for most owners, and sure enough a good bit of this Land Cruiser's ad is given to all the bio-diesel options that it potentially could burn excluding only old Stridex pads and raccoon butt glands as viable options.

Ideally I'd like to see Food Network celeb-chef Rachel Ray buy this just to see her pull up to the pump and ask to fill it up with Eee-Vee-Oh-Oh. I'd then like to see her bending over to pull a ham out of the oven, but that's just because I think she has a nice caboose and I really, really like ham.


Alas I digress, and we should really get back to the Land Cruiser and specifically its $12,900 price tag. That's less than half yesterday's Ferrabomination, and, like a good friend with a switchblade and nothing to lose, this bad boy will likely get you through pretty much anything.

But what about paying that $12,900 price to do so? Do you think that's a deal, or is this Land Cruiser crusin' for a brusin' for that much?


You decide!

Portland OR Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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