For $3,100, This Land Is Your Land…

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe FJ55 may surprisingly wave the stars and stripes under its hood, but will its price be low enough for you to want to start waving the Benjamins?

Let's list the things that we generally liked about yesterday's custom 1982 Mustang: engine, wheels, SVO sail panels, louvers! Okay, now let's slap up a list of things that, on the whole, boiled our dust specks: the G.T. 327 side stripes, the gauges (so many gauges), and the whole mashup of models representin.' It goes on. In the end, the price was seen as a big part of the bad stuff and the car went down in a narrow 55% Crack Pipe loss.


You know, we've been giving Ford a lot of attention this week, so I think it might be nice to close things out and send us all into the weekend with something from one of the Blue Oval's competitors, what do you say?

This 1976 Toyota FJ55 represent's the marque's first attempt at turning the Jeep-like Land Cruiser into a family-friendly macho man wagon. This one's a little more Randy Savage as it has traded out the stock 135-horse 4.2-litre six for an SBC of indeterminate heritage and output.


Of course Chevy's 350 is the pinch hitter of the automotive world, and here it may mean a solid base hit. Backing up the Chevy mill is an auto box, likely a THM350 or something as that's almost always the case. That gets a cool Hurst shifter in the cabin jauntily matching the T-handle shape of the parking brake in the driver's footwell.


The rest of the inside is a riot of muted colors, what with the faded summer wheat wall to wall, black mats and dash, grey shearling on the seats, and beige console from another time and place. It's not worthy of an Ikea catalog spread, but I'd say it works.

The outside has it going on too. The red paint with contrasting gold accent looks serviceable and while there's a good bit of rust to be found at every corner, this is a ladder frame design so it's likely not critical and might just improve the flow-through ventilation. By the way, the design of the FJ55's nose has always reminded me of this guy.


The seller says the truck has only 54K on the clock and then backs that up with a shot of the five and a tenths odo showing 53,670. Of course that could be 953,670 for all we know, but who cares? The ad also notes that the Toy has been a family affair for a while but now is being ignored by all so they're kicking it to the curb.


Now that it's at that curb you could add it to your family for $3,100. That seems to be intriguing for a Land Cruiser of this generation, even with the Chevy mill. What do you think about this wagon for that kind of cash? Is this a Land Cruiser priced to be a bruiser? Or, is that price just Toying with our affections?

You decide!


Seattle Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to valvashon for the hookup!

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