Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe candidate is… are you ready for this… a horse, snake, and a fox all rolled into one. You'll need to decide if this seemingly fabulous Ford is worth opening up your bank roll.

Canada has long sought to distance its national persona from that of the United States, sort of like a fourth grader denying that's his brother over there eating the paste in art class. For a brief moment - a single year in fact - Ford abetted this distancing with a Canadian-only car, the Falcon-based but very Canadian-named Frontenac. Ooh la-la!

A narrow 56% of you felt that yesterday's Maple Leaf'd Ford was worth its asking price, and probably even more of us enjoyed fleeting visions of this car being our ticket to a better life- if I drive it there, they'll have to let me in. Canada here I come!

You know, I still feel bad for that Chevy-powered Cobra from the day before last, and in an effort to make up for that for all you FoMoCo-ians, today I want to give you a Ford that's fully a Ford. In fact, today's car is even Fordier than yesterday's Canadian bacon Frontenac. Today's 1982 Mustang is of course a car that oozes Ford DNA from every weld, and if anyone were to ask how much more Ford could this car be? The only possible answer is no more. This Mustang could be no more Ford.


What's awesome about this car is all the animals that have been rolled into one in its creation. It is first and foremost a Mustang, which yes was named after an airplane, but that plane was named for a horse so don't start with me. It's also a representative of the Fox platform, that name being the internal code for the front-engine/rear-wheel drive design from the Blue Oval in the '70s that first saw light under the Fairmont/Zephyr and then a year later under these beauties and the Capri. It also has that most venerated of Ford-connected performance badges, that being the Cobra. Hail Satan, er, Shelby

Now normally snakes and horses don't get along very well, and it was around '82 that Ford kicked the Cobra to the curb, at least for a while. This heavily modded 'Stang brings back the snaky with later-model badges and more importantly, a later top end on its stroker 327, providing port fuel injection. This is claimed to be a show-quality car and everything is so shiny and clean under the hood that when popping it you are advised to be wearing sunglasses lest the bling blind you. That's what happened to Ray Charles, you know.


The embiggened small block is backed up by a T5 for all your shifting pleasure. Cobra wheels wrap around discs at all four corners, and the ad notes that the work done features 'all the best parts' so you have to expect to find Katy Perry's boobs in there somewhere.

While you're on the hunt for those you might notice all the design elements on the car reflecting the different versions of Foxstang. There's the aggressive GT front clip, the SVO sail panels, and of course the T-tops to - well, top things off.


All of this looks in the ad to be in excellent shape. The inside looks equally tidy with riding pants-pattern sport bucket seats, a fat tach, sort wheel, and a black and red motif that calls to mind the Adam West-era Batmobile. There is something hanging down in the passenger-side footwell that I can't ID which is kind of freaking me out. Anybody have a clue what that is?

The title is said to be clean and mileage is claimed to be 17K which is obviously calculated from some point after the car was reborn, and likely not since its factory days. Just a guess.


All this can be yours for $12,500 or about 10 times what the typical '80s 'Stang goes for these days. That's because a lot of '80s Mustangs have seen better days and less attentive ownership over their lives. This one has been shown a lot of love - and a lot of money - and that makes it a standout when it comes to '80s Mustangs. It's also a great example of what Ford has always done well, which is making cheap go fast.

What do you think about this Mustang and its $12,500 price? Is that an asking that should have a new owner driving a Ford lately? Or, is this a foxstangobra that should be kept down on the farm?


You decide!

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