The Best Rockstar Cars

Rockstars have cool guitars, awesome jackets, and STDs unknown to most of us. When it comes to cars, they need something just as hard. ZZ Top got that. It's called Eliminator, and it's a custom 1933 Ford. » 6/28/13 12:34pm 6/28/13 12:34pm

ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons And His Magnificent Beard Open SEMA For Ford

SEMA is all about aftermarket equipment for cars, so Ford chose the man with the ultimate aftermarket equipment on his face to open their booth. » 11/01/12 2:32pm 11/01/12 2:32pm

For $109,000, the E-limo-nator is just looking for some cash

Just let me know, if you wanna' go, to that shack outside La Grange. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe '34 Ford limousine is fine, if you've got the time, and the six figures to get yourself in. » 4/13/11 8:00am 4/13/11 8:00am

Big In Japan: When Western Stars Make JDM Commercials

The money's great, babe, and they'll never see it back home. Yeah, but then came the internet, and now those agents' promises to their clients have turned out to be lies. » 2/04/09 2:30pm 2/04/09 2:30pm

Further Innovations In LeMons Punishment: The Billy Gibbons!

As a 24 Hours Of LeMons judge » 10/17/08 8:00am 10/17/08 8:00am, it's my duty to think up Solomonically wise penalties for racers who transgress The Rules. Regionally appropriate penalties are always good, and thus was born the ... but was needed. With about 20 minutes to go before boarding the plane to Houston, it hit me: Billy Gibbons! Yes, the…

Cadzilla, A DeLorean And ZZ Top: A Boyd Coddington Tribute

For those still continuing to cope with Boyd Coddington's death, here's a video that should put a smile on your face and maybe dry up a few of those tears. One of Coddington's most beloved custom cars was the Cadzilla, which was created for ZZ Top singer Billy Gibbons (sometimes referred to as CadZZilla). Truly a… » 2/28/08 2:40pm 2/28/08 2:40pm

Every Girl's Crazy 'Bout a Ford Coupe Man

Apparently, all one really needs to get a dance with the girl of his dreams is a Chuck Lombardo hot-rodded '33 Model 41, and the apparitions of Frank Beard, Dusty Hill and Billy F. Gibbons. Oh, and some spandex-clad hotties as stylists/entourage. Mostly, we don't miss the '80s. Sometimes, however, we do. » 7/17/07 8:00pm 7/17/07 8:00pm

ZZ Top! Honda! Who'da Thunk?

We know we plugged Japander yesterday, but we have to go back and highlight a spot by the men who are probably the most significant celebs on the site, in car terms: ZZ Top. And they're not plugging some sort of Coddington-ized loonmobile, either. In fact, it's the sub-sub-sub compact Honda Z. Needless to say, the… » 1/19/06 3:52am 1/19/06 3:52am

Bricklin Pops Chery Brand Before GM Can

According to Visionary Vehicles' spokeswoman Wendi "Oh Lord, Take Me Downtown, I'm Just Looking for Some" Tush, the Chery vehicles they're importing from China won't be branded as such in the US due to pressure from GM, who claim the word's too similar to "Chevy." "They're bigger than we are and they have more… » 9/21/05 12:17pm 9/21/05 12:17pm

Ah How-How-How: Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top to Publish Autobiography

The guy with the beard in ZZ Top who isn't named Hill, Billy F. Gibbons is nearly as well-known for his cars as his amped-up Texas boogie. Gibbons tells his tale this fall in Rock 'n' Roll Gearhead (Motorbooks). With accompanying photographs by the mighty David Perry, Gibbons will reportedly spill the beans about… » 8/03/05 10:13am 8/03/05 10:13am