Cadzilla, A DeLorean And ZZ Top: A Boyd Coddington Tribute

For those still continuing to cope with Boyd Coddington's death, here's a video that should put a smile on your face and maybe dry up a few of those tears. One of Coddington's most beloved custom cars was the Cadzilla, which was created for ZZ Top singer Billy Gibbons (sometimes referred to as CadZZilla). Truly a… » 2/28/08 2:40pm 2/28/08 2:40pm

Ah How-How-How: Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top to Publish Autobiography

The guy with the beard in ZZ Top who isn't named Hill, Billy F. Gibbons is nearly as well-known for his cars as his amped-up Texas boogie. Gibbons tells his tale this fall in Rock 'n' Roll Gearhead (Motorbooks). With accompanying photographs by the mighty David Perry, Gibbons will reportedly spill the beans about… » 8/03/05 10:13am 8/03/05 10:13am