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Every Girl's Crazy 'Bout a Ford Coupe Man

Apparently, all one really needs to get a dance with the girl of his dreams is a Chuck Lombardo hot-rodded '33 Model 41, and the apparitions of Frank Beard, Dusty Hill and Billy F. Gibbons. Oh, and some spandex-clad hotties as stylists/entourage. Mostly, we don't miss the '80s. Sometimes, however, we do.


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One of the funniest things I ever read in Seattle's late, lamented Rocket magazine was a ZZ Top vs. Duran Duran comparison chart.

One of the comparisons was "typical video storyline." on the Duran Duran side of the chart was something like "band members lip-sync while gazing wistfully at sea/sunset/skyline" and on the ZZ Top side was "Good looking working class stud saves beautiful girl from scuzzy rich guys."

The Rocket is definitely one of the things that I miss about the '80s.