Ah How-How-How: Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top to Publish Autobiography

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The guy with the beard in ZZ Top who isn't named Hill, Billy F. Gibbons is nearly as well-known for his cars as his amped-up Texas boogie. Gibbons tells his tale this fall in Rock 'n' Roll Gearhead (Motorbooks). With accompanying photographs by the mighty David Perry, Gibbons will reportedly spill the beans about life on the road, his amazing collection of cars (we've heard he drives an Aspire when he wants to roll incognito, although "Cruisin' down the road in my inline four," just doesn't quite have the same ring to it), and his astounding plethora of guitars. He's bad, he's nationwide, and the book drops October 15th.


New Book Tells ZZ Top Frontman Billy F Gibbons' Life Story Through His Amazing Collection of Custom Automobiles and Guitars [Autowire]

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