The 2016 Yamaha MT-10: An Ultra-Modern Middle Finger To Whimsical Retro Design

The Yamaha MT-10 has so many lines, slabs and hard surfaces it looks like an animatronic extra that couldn’t make the cut for Star Wars. But it’s also really freaking badass. Round-and-retro sure is popular right now, but it’s time to move into the hard, brutal future. »11/16/15 6:26pm11/16/15 6:26pm

Lorenzo Wins 3rd MotoGP World Title As Rossi Rides From Last To 4th

Jorge Lorenzo rode an almost perfect race in today’s MotoGP season finale at Valencia to claim his third MotoGP world championship and fifth world title overall, but it was his Yamaha teammate Valentino Rossi with an utterly jaw-dropping ride from the back of the grid up to 4th place. »11/08/15 9:08am11/08/15 9:08am

The MotoGP Racer's Cribs Episode That Was Pulled For Tackiness Resurfaces

Jorge Lorenzo and Monster thought it would be fun to do their own version of MTV’s Cribs to show off their two-time world champion’s pad. Several hours after it was released, Lorenzo asked to have it taken down after the massive backlash. After watching it, I can’t say I’m surprised at the response. »11/02/15 1:50pm11/02/15 1:50pm

Ride Review: The Yamaha YXZ1000R Is The Dune-Conquering Speed Machine You Deserve

Riding or driving off road is unlike anything else you’ll experience on wheels and, thanks to Yamaha’s new YXZ1000R UTV side-by-side, you can go farther, faster, and with a friend. Get ready to destroy some sand, shift some gears and live out your desert speed-dreams. »10/27/15 1:03pm10/27/15 1:03pm

Yamaha, Maker Of Clarinets And Bikes, Has A Sports Car Concept

Yamaha has an extremely diverse portfolio of products for sale. You probably know they make motorcycles but they also do pressure washers, guitars, generators, water pumps and pianos, which actually makes sense as every last one of those things is a musical instrument. This month they’ll show us their idea of a sports… »10/19/15 1:06pm10/19/15 1:06pm

Yamaha Just Released This Amazing Dirt Tracker Concept Bike 

Yamaha knew they had an amazing platform for customization when they released the FZ-07. Under that Transformer looking body work, it’s basically identical to the Ducati Scrambler but just with slightly lower bars. If this concept is a hint at what’s to come with the platform, the future just got a whole lot brighter. »10/15/15 11:43am10/15/15 11:43am