How A Little Old Italian Mama In A Fiat Beat Million-Dollar Exotics In …

Palermo, Sicily — The Targa Florio was one of the world's first car races, and even though it took a nap for a few decades, it's back. Only now, little old ladies and white haired old men can compete in cars that were racing the course when they were young. » 10/15/12 4:00pm 10/15/12 4:00pm

Legendary Alfa Romeo Shop Registers 500 GigaRads On Jalopnik…

I've been running into Northern California Alfa restorer Conrad Stevenson pretty regularly- he's the Ecurie Ecrappe crew chief and a LeMons perpetrator, after all- but I'd never visited his shop… until now. » 7/19/09 6:40pm 7/19/09 6:40pm

Ya Don't Drive, Ya Aim! Motor City Drag Racing, 1958

It's like threading the needle at a quarter of a mile… but it's really livin'! Hot Rod Magazine put together this great drag racing documentary for the 1958 Nationals, and it's well worth watching. » 4/11/09 12:00pm 4/11/09 12:00pm

2002tii Touring, 2002ti Alpina Restore Our Faith In Bavaria

Though they were never inexpensive (the base 2002 sold for about the same price as a loaded Impala), BMWs were once small and uncomplicated. Here's a pair of 2002s you might like. » 3/29/09 3:30pm 3/29/09 3:30pm