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The massive wide fenders and basket weave wheels of 1980s and 1990s Grand Touring racing are among the greatest eras in motorsport history. With incredible factory support from all over the globe, some of the greatest racing drivers of the time, and uncompromised back and forth battles, these cars won’t ever let me sleep in peace. I constantly wake in a cold sweat thinking about the Cunningham Racing Nissan 300ZX.

As part of the Long Beach Grand Prix weekend festivities, the Historic Motor Sports Association invited a number of historic IMSA GTO-style racers out for a 20 minute sprint race that included some old school beating and banging. It wasn’t as exciting as the modern IMSA race that weekend, and actually included less carnage, but it was awesome to see these old machines getting a proper workout on a tight street course.


If you’ve got nothing better to do this evening, check out this group of monsters do battle.

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