Don't Mess With A 911 RSR When It's Hunting

Gif: Goodwood Road & Race on YouTube

A vintage Porsche 911 RSR is a beautiful thing, but when it has the red mist in its eyes it can be vicious. Have you ever tried to get all up in your dog’s business when there’s food involved? That’s the kind of growl you can expect from a 911 RSR on the hunt for another target on the high banks of Daytona, its preferred feeding grounds, at night. It’s best to just leave well enough alone, else you might get your nose chopped off like this yellow 911 has in the video below.


This week marks the famous HSR Classic 24 Hour at Daytona International Speedway, which is always a great time to get out and see the great racing machines of days gone by. Is there a chance that you’ll see a 911 RSR devour another, weaker 911 RSR? My Magic 8 Ball says all signs point to yes.

This onboard video is pretty great in that the first lap shows a trio of delightfully sonorous Porsches vying for the same position at the front of the pack. It also shows the heartbreak of motorsport, as a missed shift can have serious repercussions. I won’t spoil the fun any more than that, you’ll just have to watch this intense and incredible sub-4 minutes of racing.

Honestly, someone could get an hour of vintage racing in-car audio and run it as a podcast. I’d just play that as background noise in my office all day. Just listen to those flat six engines scream! Goodness that gives me the goosepimples!



Me: That sound, that beautiful sound!


Me: AHHH! [stops video]