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A small heavily-forested area in Northern Germany played host to an ADAC rally for vintage cars last weekend. That sentence alone makes me want to uproot and move to Germany immediately. When I look at the final podium results for the Visselhoeveder Herbstrallye, it makes my eyes well up with tears of beauty. Martin Schutte won the rallye in a Mitsubishi Evo VII, Helmut Beckmann came in second place in an Evo VIII, and Andreas Dahms came in third with this incredible green narrow body Porsche Carrera.

Image: ADAC

I would love an opportunity to run any of those three ragged, but for a mid-1970s 911 to run a few seconds shy of some AWD turbocharged homologated rally monsters is inspirational. Even if you’re old, past your prime, and not quite as fast as the young guns, if you dig down deep and train hard, you can still kick some serious ass.

There are newer and faster and more advanced rally cars out there. If you want to see those, you can watch any WRC event. If you want to haul a decades old Porsche through the woods, click the play button below. You won’t be disappointed.

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