Yes But How Does The Archetypal Drift Car Handle The Nürburgring

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It’s abundantly clear that any yahoo can turn an S13 Nissan 200SX into a drift car. But what’s it like turning one into a “Ring tool,” as they say around the Nürburgring? What’s it like lapping one on the Nordschleife? Well, it looks, uh, maybe as sideways as you’d expect.

This is a fun little thought experiment made real. S13s the world over are used as track cars, just the kind of track driving is often just drifting. Grip S13s feel increasingly rare, but are charming to see. After all, it’s a pretty basic platform. Front engine, rear-wheel drive, easy to mod. Here’s the list of what this S13 driver has done to his, and it’s about what you’d expect from a basic S-Chassis build anywhere in the world:

1991 Nissan 200SX S13

Federal 595 RSR 235/40R17

CA18DET stock internals, modified intake camshaft

GT2860RS@1.1 bar

stock transmission and shifter, EP3 shift knob

S15 helical LSD

Aftermarket intercooler, radiator and oil cooler

custom 3" exhaust and downpipe, xs manifold

Ksport coilovers with custom spring rates

Energy Suspension bushings

Modified front knuckles, DW Geomaster2 rear knuckles

deleted power steering

Skyline R33 GTST Brakes front & rear with CL RC5+ pads

“Light drizzle all afternoon, causing some sketchy little slides,” the driver posted along with the onboard.


It’s a cute little video, and a nice reminder that your car might be known for one thing, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be good for another.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.


I hate stereotypes, but 2 of the worse assholes he encountered (blocking him from overtaking) were both driving Lancer Evos.

Coincidence? I’ll let you judge.