2016 Triumph Tiger Explorer(s):  Six Adventure Bikes With Algebraic Expressions For Names


The point of competition has changed once again in the Adventure segment. First it was farkles like extra lights or moveable windscreens. Then it was the power. Now, top tier ADV bikes must have a slew of electronic aids to keep Ewan “I only ride with a full support crew” McGregor and every other goofball upright… »11/17/15 8:55pm11/17/15 8:55pm


2016 Triumph Bonneville T120 And T120 Black: An Old-School Icon Gets A Lustworthy New Motor

Last week, we brought you news of a bunch of new additions to Triumph’s Retro line, brought to you by a bunch of people posting on Instagram when they probably weren’t supposed to be. Well, I finished a long week of traveling, so let’s dive in and see what separates these machines and look at the T120 and T120 Black. »11/02/15 10:49am11/02/15 10:49am

Updated Triumph Speed Triple Gets More Power, Still Looks Like A Bug: Reports

While Triumph might be best known for its retro-styled “classics” lineup, they also propagate a weirdly half-naked modern looking sportbike called the Speed Triple. The 2016 version has been spotted for the first time, and reports are saying it’s getting up to 140 horsepower. »10/27/15 9:09pm10/27/15 9:09pm

Triumph Confirms The New 2016 Bonneville Is Coming October 28th

The Triumph Bonneville holds a special place in my heart. It was the first motorcycle I bought (that ran on a regular basis), was the first new motorcycle I bought, and was the motorcycle I wrote most of my content around when I began as a journalist. It’s also a bike that’s gotten extremely long in the tooth, but all… »10/12/15 4:09pm10/12/15 4:09pm

Watch David Beckham Ride The New Triumph Bonneville With A Bunch Of Carnies In This New Film

Yes, you read the correctly. The film Outlaws is part American Horror Story, part David Beckham being awesome (and handsome), and part motorcycle movie - and it’s all to get you to buy a $2,000 leather jacket. It’s also likely leaking the new 2016 1,100 cc Triumph Bonneville. Confused? Welcome to the club. »9/08/15 12:30pm9/08/15 12:30pm

These Limited Edition Triumph Triples Are Built By Racers And It Shows

Builders have a tendency to put form over function, which makes the Gemini Project from T3 Racing stand out. This limited run of highly modded Triumph Speed Triples aren’t your normal custom builds: they’re completely reworked bikes built by the crew that founded the one-make Triumph Triple Challenge race series.
»8/05/15 8:00pm8/05/15 8:00pm

The Most Beautiful Triumph Of All Time Will Cost You

The moment you lay eyes on a Triumph 2000 Italia you'll cinch up your tie and smugly declare that you've figured out how to become the practical James Bond. The jaw-dropping styling will make both classic Aston Martin and Ferrari owners alike turn their heads, and at the end of the day it's a Triumph so it's gotta be… »1/03/15 9:31am1/03/15 9:31am