The Triumph GT6+ Is Proof Old British Sports Cars Are Worth It

Everyone knows the stereotypes. The engines leak oil. The wires leak smoke. They’re unreliable, slow, maintenance nightmares. Every time you see one on the road, you wonder—are these things actually good? Or are they just for weirdo masochists who like British things?

You know the type. They love Doctor Who. They pronounce “aluminum” and “Jaguar” weird. They’ve watched, like, three episodes of Top Gear, and now they’ll tell you that Weetabix is actual food.

So maybe they were just all running around in old MGs and Triumphs and Lanchesters just because they’ve got some deep affect going on. Or maybe because those cars are [extremely British voice] bloody BRILLIANT.

But, a bit shamefully, Kristen Lee and I hadn’t ever driven an old British sports car ourselves, so we couldn’t be sure.

We had to go out. We had to do it. A reader invited us to drive his 1970 Triumph GT6+, and we had to drive the car.

And trust me, it’s no affect. These things are good.

Deputy Editor, Jalopnik. 2002 Lexus IS300 Sportcross.

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As the owner of said GT6+ in the video, I want to say great work! Also, thank you to the Triumph, for running well (enough) that day.. although perhap Michael and Kristen didn’t get the full experience by having it break down?

The car itself is relatively reliable. But in 2018, we have iPhones, Uber and modern cars that always start, so when things go wrong, its something that can be sorted out later. Like the time the clutch slave went in my garage. Pedal right to the floor and I could hear the hydraulic fluid pouring on ground. THATs an experience you dont get these days!