(Image via Triumph Motorcycles)
(Image via Triumph Motorcycles)

A turbocharged street bike is pretty cool. Two of them is cooler. Two of them drifting at full-noise within a few inches of each other and concrete walls? Ice cold.

You’re watching pro “street freestyle” riders Ernie “EDUB” Vigil and Nick “Apex” Brocha go absolutely hog wild on turbocharged Triumph Street Triple R motorcycles. At least, if you didn’t have to close your eyes and clutch your pearls. I did a few times.


The level of control these guys have is beyond comprehension for most mortals. They’re making the bikes look like wiggly, noisy extensions of their own bodies.

And here I thought tandem drifting in cars was badass.

The standard Street Triple R runs a 675cc three-cylinder (obviously) engine rated to 106 horsepower. The machine weighs 370 pounds without and fluids or passengers.

The ones in this video have been modified by Garage7 with Garrett GT2502R turbochargers and a few other bits to bump the output to a healthy 180 horsepower. Those rear tires being absolutely ground into oblivion are Avon Storm 3D X-M.

This really makes me want to get out and practice. Ok fine, how about just “get out” to a professional stunt event as a spectator.

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