Would You Pay $14,500 For A Triumph Thruxton?

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Triumph just held their international launch for the all-new Triumph Thruxton, where journalists from around the world got to test it out and get the full run down on the bike. Initial reports are good but, with a such a lofty price tag, it’s a tough pill to swallow. Would you buy one?


The stock Thruxton has an MSRP of $12,500 for the black model or $12,750 for the white or green. If you want the R, which adds nicer suspension, brakes, and tires, brings that up to $14,500. For a retro Triumph. Oof.


Granted, the initial reports on the bike are good. Like really good. My buddy Joe went for Cycleworld and was gushing about it. That puts it up there with the BMW r nineT (which I also think is massively overpriced) while not feeling as premium or fancy. I was expecting the numbers to look a little more like $10,000 and $12,000.

So, to those of you who put down early deposits or were considering this bike, has that deterred you or are you still in?

Sean MacDonald is the editor of Lanesplitter.

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