The Hot, Torrid, Turbocharged Romance Between Chrysler And Mitsubishi

When we brought you our feature on captive imports last month, many of you wondered why we didn't delve into the relationship between these two companies. » 11/24/12 12:30pm 11/24/12 12:30pm

Bring Back The 1980s With The Chrysler Conquest TSI

If the funky synthesizers and some weird guy staring at you aren't enough to make you want to hop in a time machine back to 1987, we don't blame you. However if you can look past the strange music and 80s style of this amusing vintage dealer promo, you'll see the 1987 Chrysler Conquest TSI. » 2/18/12 2:00pm 2/18/12 2:00pm

How Many TURBO Emblems Does an 80s Mitsubishi Need?

The Malaise Era was followed by the Turbo Era, and nobody got more into the entire Turbo Way Of Life™ than the Mitsubishi team responsible for the Starion. Even as it prepares for crushing, this '88 radiates turbo-osity! » 8/22/10 11:00am 8/22/10 11:00am

For The Well-Dressed Judge: Turbo Cimarron Cowboy Hat!

I've been wanting to do a Stupid Murilee Junkyard Project™ with a Dodge Conquest TURBO seat belt for quite some time, and now I've found a junked Conquest! Combine the TURBO belt with a Cadillac Cimarron seat emblem and… win! » 3/27/10 4:00pm 3/27/10 4:00pm

Dodge Conquest: Because You Can't Repeat the Word TURBO Too Many Times!

What came after the Malaise Era? The Turbo Era, of course! In 1986, when your car had a turbocharger under the hood, you wanted the world to know it. This was the philosophy behind the Starion/Conquest. » 3/27/10 3:00pm 3/27/10 3:00pm

Zero in on a Mitsubishi Starion for $2,500!

With the Starion, Mitsubishi battled the 6-cylinder cars from Nissan and Toyota by turbocharging their four-banger. Today, Nice Price or Crack Pipe has an '85 that's gone to Pep Boys to get reinforcements. » 12/23/09 7:00am 12/23/09 7:00am

Where Do You Want To Be? In A 1986 Mitsubishi, Of Course!

Remember the Mitsubishi Cordia? The Tredia? Where are all those Cordia Turbos today? Of all the nameplates shown in this ad, only the Galant is still around 22 years later… but that spirit » 10/27/08 2:00pm 10/27/08 2:00pm of the 80s will live on forever in the Mitsubishi theme song!

1987 Mitsubishi Starion

You have no idea, dear readers, how long I hunted- perhaps stalked is the more accurate term- this Mitsubishi. Starions are very rare these days, I wanted to shoot one in Alameda for this series, and here was this primered-out specimen living just a few blocks from my house (on the same block, in fact, as the '87… » 4/03/08 9:00am 4/03/08 9:00am

PCH, 80s Japanese Muscle Edition: AE86 or Starion?

I know it's been a while since our last Choose Your Eternity matchup (in which, incidentally, the Hayubasa-powered Honda 600 just barely edged out the Duramax-powered '47 Ford, for which I apologize; the cruel overlords at the salt mine my tech-writing job shipped me out to New York for a 4-day weekend of PowerPoint… » 1/14/08 5:30pm 1/14/08 5:30pm


Every now and again we have to revisit the reasons sinking endless hours and buckets of coinstar trappings into our rides somehow worth the effort. Last week we motored down to Torrance from Montrose in the mighty Starion for some wrenching, a late cobb salad down at the Hof's Hut, and to pick up a turbo heat shield… » 10/29/07 2:30pm 10/29/07 2:30pm

Workhorse Engine of the Day: Mitsubishi Astron

From a distant galaxy of single overhead cam engines comes the Mitsubishi Astron series. The mighty Astron began life in 1972, and is still ticking away under the hoods of everything from Mitsubishi Starions to the panoply of Chrysler K-Car variants. In the beginning, the Flying Sikh himself pummeled an Astron… » 10/23/07 2:30pm 10/23/07 2:30pm

Dodge D-50 Smokes the Baloneys

The torquey 2.6L Mitsubishi G54B four-banger was installed under the hood of a great number of vehicles, including but not limited to this rusty Dodge D-50 pickup - aka Mitsubishi Mighty Max. There are enough of these engines still running in Monteros, forklifts, K-cars, Starions, and other more industrial… » 8/24/07 3:00pm 8/24/07 3:00pm

1000 Dollars Cash Back on Chrysler Conquest TSI

Rolling in an import was easier than ever in the during the eighties thanks to your local Chrysler-Plymouth-Dodge dealer. A Dodge Colt would have been the more economical choice, with the D-50 pickup winning in utility. We're not quite sure if the Colt Vista mini space wagon would have swept the durability contest,… » 8/15/07 3:00pm 8/15/07 3:00pm

Donut Potential!

The Starion in this video is essentially a Euro-spec version of Jalopnik's own Star-of-Orion/Stallion steed. Fit Bumbeck's car with a wide plate, and you're ready to rock hoonage all over the continent. But these guys? Well, they're keeping it confined to the parking lot. » 8/10/07 7:00pm 8/10/07 7:00pm

Starion Bar-B-Que in Motion

Not so long ago we rolled down to the KDM Starion Bar-B-Que for some Carne Asada and turbo goodness. While we snapped stills, mini DV cameras spun to capture the event. One Mitchell Spacone spent hours and a toasted motherboard getting this together, splicing in some stills courtesy of the Jalopnik in the process.… » 8/07/07 3:45pm 8/07/07 3:45pm

MOD Squad Hits Triple Diamonds in Third Year

Having been to the first annual Mitsubishi Owners Day three years ago, the sheer number of Lancer Evolutions tearing up the roads today seems almost impossible. So many EVOS appeared that the cars overflowed onto the nearby streets of MMUSA HQ. While there was some temporary grumbling that Prototype X showed up… » 7/15/07 3:30pm 7/15/07 3:30pm

Mitsubishi Owner's Day

The third annual gathering of Mitsubishis and the people that drive them will take place tomorrow, July 14th at MMUSA HQ in Cypress, California. Rumor has it that a genuine Group A Starion will be among the machines rolled out from the museum to celebrate triple-diamond racing heritage. As much as we would have liked… » 7/13/07 1:30pm 7/13/07 1:30pm

Luxurious Starion Burgundy

What the Mitsubishi Starion ever had to do with Gallo-Romans or Pinot Noir grapes we don't really know. What we do know is that the burgundy interior is low on the list of desired Starion features among those lusting after the turbo speciality sports coupe. This guy found good use for a velour burgundy interior… » 7/11/07 6:15pm 7/11/07 6:15pm

Starion Racing Video Music Contest, Part 2

More eighties bombast music and STP helps the Starion slay an onslaught of Ford Sierras, BMW's, and even a Volvo in the second video segment of the contest. We're not sure if Andy Granatelli had anything to do with this STP race car, or what makes this second and near 20 minute video the Hot Version. Wait for it... » 7/03/07 4:00pm 7/03/07 4:00pm

Starion Racing Video Music Contest, Part 1

Long before editing software made it easy for even Chim-Chim to put together a video of his dancing cousins, it seems Mitsubishi assembled their own quality versions of racing videos. As far as we can determine from the eighties soundtrack, these two rolls were produced during the actual run of the Starion itself.… » 7/03/07 3:00pm 7/03/07 3:00pm