If the funky synthesizers and some weird guy staring at you aren't enough to make you want to hop in a time machine back to 1987, we don't blame you. However if you can look past the strange music and 80s style of this amusing vintage dealer promo, you'll see the 1987 Chrysler Conquest TSI.


Thanks to the wonders of badge engineering the Mitsubishi Starion became the Conquest sold by Dodge and Plymouth from 1984-1986 and by Chrysler for 1987-1989. To make things even more confusing, the wide body sport version of the Starion had ESI-r tacked onto the name while it was TSI for the sport Conquest—both were only available with a 5 speed manual transmission.

Whatever you called them, by 1987 these cars featured a turbocharged and intercooled 2.6 liter inline 4 cylinder engine complete with electronic fuel injection—a pretty advanced set up at the time. While some would argue these cars haven't aged any better than the terrible synth music in this commercial, we would still love to take a turbocharged trip back to the 80s behind the wheel of the badge engineered TSI.

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