I've been wanting to do a Stupid Murilee Junkyard Project™ with a Dodge Conquest TURBO seat belt for quite some time, and now I've found a junked Conquest! Combine the TURBO belt with a Cadillac Cimarron seat emblem and… win!

Last fall, the captain of the Texas-based TnT Racing VW GTI 24 Hours of LeMons team ensured judicial impartiality by bribing me with a genuine Resistol 5X beaver cowboy hat. It was a little beat up from being in storage for 25 years, but who the hell cares? Judges should wear fuzzy cowboy hats adorned with Communist medals! Still, something was lacking. It needed a Junkyard Find hatband, of course.


A little knife work and the patch of (very thin, low-quality) leather bearing this Cimarron emblem was mine for the taking.


To make the band, I needed the right seat belt. I grabbed one of the rear belts from this Conquest, leaving the more useful fronts for future junkyard shoppers.

A little work with needle and thread and there we have it: Turbo Cimarron Judgewear!