For $12,000, Get A New Slant On Swinging

In the classic film, Eating Raoul, Paul Bartel’s character derisively announces that he and his wife, played by Mary Woronov, do not swing. The pair do however off swingers to steal their cash. Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Dodge is said to have once appeared in the TV show Swingers, but is its price worth killing… » 5/27/13 8:00am 5/27/13 8:00am

Turbo Slant-Six Equipped 1960 Dodge Dart Is Our Kind Of Cool

While to some making a 1960 Dodge Dart Seneca Coupe cooler than when it left the factory might seem fairly easy, in the eyes of Exner-era Mopar devotees like ourselves it's no simple task. Even so, we think whoever built this unique car complete with a turbocharged slant six engine and a floor shift four speed managed… » 5/26/12 1:00pm 5/26/12 1:00pm

The 1962 Plymouths Deliver A Kick In The Teeth, Frankie Fontaine Weeps

When Chrysler made the '62 Plymouths get better mileage and require less maintenance, it was really all about crushing the American small businessman. At least, that's the message Frank Fontaine delivers in this ad. » 1/26/09 3:00pm 1/26/09 3:00pm

Reduction-gear starter! 4-quart oil capacity! Self-adjusting brakes! Owner-accessible fusebox! 20…

Billy Jack's Revenge: Judge, Jury, And Executioner In Portland

This is Down On The Street Bonus Edition » 9/05/08 12:40pm 9/05/08 12:40pm, where we check out interesting street-parked cars located in places other than the . Today's find is a '72 Plymouth Duster (or maybe it's a '71) with an innovative customization job. shot the Billy Jack's Revenge on the damp streets of Portland, Oregon, and we can't help but…

Even a Slant Six Couldn't Save It: 1966 Dodge Dart 270

After two consecutive days of old Junkyard Find Dodges, we might as well see yet another one. It's a sign of how many 60s Chrysler A-bodies were manufactured (and how rugged they were) that you see more of them in the junkyard today than you do, say, 20-year-old Hyundai Excels. This one is a bit new to have the… » 2/13/08 2:00pm 2/13/08 2:00pm

Workhorse Engine of the Day: Chrysler Slant Six

Like the iconic Small-Block Chevrolet and Air-Cooled VW, the Slant Six is one of those engines that must be included in this series. It wasn't made for quite as many years as the other two (though it made it well past 40 years if you count engines sold in Mexico), but it established a well-deserved rep as a virtually… » 10/17/07 2:30pm 10/17/07 2:30pm

Jalopnik Poll: Which Dodge Dart Should Nardelli Build?

Of all the facts in a New York Times article focusing on incoming Chrysler fearless leader Robert Nardelli, there was one that caught our eye. Mr. Nardelli's first car out of high school was a 1966 Dodge Dart. As Mr. Nardelli's love for the company dates back to this car, it seems only fitting that he spearhead the… » 8/13/07 3:30pm 8/13/07 3:30pm

Leaning Tower Of Power Gets Blown For $400

The Mopar Slant Six is one of the undisputed marvels of the engineering world; when the Sun goes supernova and the entire planet has been reduced to ionized hydrogen, a '67 Valiant will still be chugging along in the debris field (I once saw a Slant Six that had been completely filled with water- due to the owner's… » 2/15/07 4:53pm 2/15/07 4:53pm

If Slant 6 Were 9: A Mopar-Powered Bug Rod

Just about everyone whose ever heard of Chrysler Corp.'s "Slant Six" engines of the 1960s and 1970s — gearhead and casual DC-Punk fans alike — know they're responsible for millions of miles of trouble-free motoring. Those who covet the erstwhile sixbangers know they can be tricked out in a manner Chrysler flat-top'd… » 6/25/06 7:41pm 6/25/06 7:41pm