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Six pistons in a line—a wonderfully simple design that produced a well balanced, reliable and vibration free engine. Even though the modern V6 has pushed the inline six dangerously close to extinction, the configuration has been used to produce some pretty great engines in the past. What is your favorite inline six engine?


Although increased power requirements combined with constantly decreasing engine space have made the inline six cylinder engine a rare breed, we certainly haven't forgotten the I6. Straight sixes have been everything from a simple and reliable engine providing smooth power to a family car to an indestructible powerhouse capable of making serious power. This weekend we want to know which version of the I6 is your favorite. What is your favorite inline six engine?

I would be doing a great disservice to the Chrysler products I love if I didn't pick the 225ci Slant Six. Earning it's slant nickname because it was installed at a 30 degree angle, it didn't take long for Mopar's engine to earn a reputation for bulletproof reliability. The engine first appeared in some of my favorite "Forward Look" Mopars as the "30-D Economy Six" engine in 1960 and a version of the same engine lasted well into the 80s. They weren't the quickest engines, especially in a big car, but they were nearly bulletproof. Except of course for the one example I owned.


I've told you about my Slant Six appreciation so tell us about your I6 of choice. What is your favorite inline six engine?

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