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Jalopnik Poll: Which Dodge Dart Should Nardelli Build?

Illustration for article titled Jalopnik Poll: Which Dodge Dart Should Nardelli Build?

Of all the facts in a New York Times article focusing on incoming Chrysler fearless leader Robert Nardelli, there was one that caught our eye. Mr. Nardelli's first car out of high school was a 1966 Dodge Dart. As Mr. Nardelli's love for the company dates back to this car, it seems only fitting that he spearhead the campaign to resurrect the mighty Dodge Dart. Whether the new Dodge Dart will feature a hybrid fusion slant six drive that runs on orange peels and coffee grinds will only be told by the future. Vote on which Dart Dodge should build after the jump.


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I'd disagree. In some ways, a front driver like a Neon (assuming the Neon wasn't crappy) would be most in line with what the Dart was. It was twin to the Valiant, and as such, was the entry-level economy model. Although there were performance Darts, the vast majority of them were Slant 6 or 2-barrel 318 powered everyday drivers. My grandma drove Darts, and I assure you that my hoon DNA did not come from here.

And as much as I'd like to see the Dart resurrected on a shortened lightweight LY platform with a new DOHC turbo slant six, or as the poll put it as a "Rear Drive Compact with Choice of Engine," it isn't likely to happen at a price point remotely close to the position in the market that the Dart occupied. Do you really think they'd offer a cheaper rear-drive car with performance options to cannibalize sales of the upcoming Challenge?

So I think to make a new Dart, they should make a new Neon, make it not suck, and give it a nice SRT-4 version.