Workhorse Engine of the Day: Volkswagen Air-Cooled

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We saw the Small-Block Chevrolet engine in the last WEOTD, which means it's time to take a look at what may be the only engine that can rival the Chevy in terms of longevity and units built: the air-cooled VW. In one form or another, it was manufactured for 70 years; while it had its weaknesses (feel free to list them in exhaustive detail, commenters, but don't leave out the strengths), it was a lightweight, simple powerplant that was cheap to build and easy to work on. And, just because we can, we're having a poll for your favorite! [Wikipedia]


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Raphael Orlove

I remember the interview the captain of my high school wrestling team gave for the school newspaper about his car, which everyone laughed at, seeing that six foot something giant cram into that tiny old blue beetle. He called it his muscle car, 'cuz it took a lot of muscle to push it all the way back home. Awesome.