Turbo Slant-Six Equipped 1960 Dodge Dart Is Our Kind Of Cool

While to some making a 1960 Dodge Dart Seneca Coupe cooler than when it left the factory might seem fairly easy, in the eyes of Exner-era Mopar devotees like ourselves it's no simple task. Even so, we think whoever built this unique car complete with a turbocharged slant six engine and a floor shift four speed managed the near-impossible.

Currently listed on Ebay, this Dodge is a different kind of rare find. It's not a particularly desirable car and plenty were certainly built in 1960. Having said that, of those built cars few are left and we'd imagine of those survivors almost none have turbocharged slant six power under the hood.


When we came across it on Bangshift this past week, we were immediately overcome with the same desire to own this rare car as they were. Sure the 600CFM Holley and Air Research TO4 turbo still aren't going to make this car a rocket ship, but we bet combined with a manual four speed overdrive transmission it's a ton of fun to drive.

After eight years the current seller—who appears to be the one responsible for the well made custom turbo kit on the car—is ready to let the next person enjoy this modified Mopar. It isn't cheap and it certainly isn't for everyone, but if you like Exner styling and unique engine combinations we can think of a lot worse ways to spend $19,000.

[Ebay via Bangshift]


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